Friday, September 28, 2007

Find It! Do It! Share It! Los Angeles Area Finalist

L.A. Works' very own Keris Myrick is one of 27 finalists in the statewide “Find It. Do It. Share It.” Contest! Click here to read her story!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Hands On Network's Corporate Month of Service

Corporate Month of Service 2007

An initiative of the Corporate Service Council, Corporate Month of Service is an action oriented approach to corporate citizenship that leverages the corporate workforce to bring about positive change in communities across the country and around the world. Click Here to see photos from the Corporate Month of Service Los Angeles WaMu project managed by L.A. Works.

The Corporate Service Council

The Corporate Service Council is leading the efforts of Corporate Month of Service by issuing a "Corporate Challenge" to businesses everywhere, urging them to join this action oriented approach to community engagement.

UPS Chairman and CEO, Mike Eskew, chairs the Corporate Service Council, a unique alliance of 65 Fortune 500 companies and nonprofit partners, dedicated to increasing volunteerism and celebrating the impact of Corporate Service Council member's year-round efforts.

The Corporate Challenge is being issued to urge businesses of all sizes to sign up, encouraging responsible citizenship and increasing the impact of corporate contributions.

Guided by the goals of the Hands On Campaign, the Corporate Service Council is seeking to increase volunteerism by equipping 100,000 new Volunteer Leaders leading to a 10% increase in volunteerism

This year, Corporate Service Council members will expand their efforts like never before, taking Corporate Month of Service global through activities like the UPS Global Day of Service.

Third Annual of Corporate Month of Service

Corporate Month of Service was established in partnership with The Home Depot, in 2005 as a way to leverage the power of corporate America in order to bring about positive change in communities across the country.

In 2004, Hands On Network partnered with The Home Depot to commemorate their 25th anniversary, planning and executing more than 1,600 community service projects over an entire week. Building on this tremendous success, the campaign was expanded to a month-long event in 2005.

Last year, 60,000 volunteers participated in Corporate Month of Service, taking part in more than 1,000 community service projects in communities across the country. It is estimated that this contribution amounted to approximately $6.4 million.

This year, national sponsors include WaMu, The Home Depot, Philip Morris, UBS, UPS, Philip Morris, 3M, UnitedHealth Group, and VSP.

Community Impact - "Be the Change. Build Community"

From Miami to New York and Chicago to Los Angeles, Corporate Month of Service will unleash the power of corporate volunteers by combining sweat equity with financial resources to impact communities.

Teams of volunteers from companies large and small will collaborate to revitalize schools, refurbish community centers, restore parks, and reenergize communities

The responsible citizenship demonstrated by all of our partners multiplies the power of community and corporate investment, and subsequently, will bring about real change nationwide.

Corporate Month of Service 2007 aims to engage more than 40,000, 100 companies, impacting the lives of more than 3 million people. We believe that corporate collaboration multiplies community investments and leverages corporate influence to raise visibility about community issues and create solutions.

Points of Light & Hands On Network

Points of Light & Hands On Network leads an international movement of people who roll up their sleeves, get hands on, and solve community problems everyday. Through their Volunteer Center National Network and Hands On Action Centers, the organization supports a network of 370 organizations covering 88% of the US market and eight countries.

Points of Light & Hands On Network encourages people from all walks of life - businesses, nonprofits, faith-based organizations, low-income communities, families, youth, and older adults - to volunteer and be the change in their communities.

Points of Light & Hands On Network is uniquely positioned to lead this effort on behalf of the Corporate Service council, with 73 affiliate organizations and almost 20 years volunteer project management experience.

In 2006, Hands On Network received the coveted "A" rating from Fast Company and the distinguished Fast Company Social Capitalist Award hailing Hands On Network's distinction in partnering with corporations for greater community impact.

In July 2007, Points of Light & Hands On Network announced mutual board agreement to merge into a single organization. Creating the world's largest global volunteer network, the new organization will encompass 370 affiliates serving 83% of the American public.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

End Youth Homelessness

The other day I received a notice from YouthNoise, an online youth community and nonprofit, nonpartisan youth networking site for social change. They are launching an important initiative to bring awareness to the problem of youth homelessness. YouthNoise has taken on this task because of its growing importance for the future of the one and a half million homeless youth struggling to survive on the streets today. If all the homeless youth were placed in a city, populated only by them, it would be the seventh largest city in the United States

The effort, “Out of the Shadows,” is a contest that calls youth all across the country to submit their visions on how to end youth homelessness through video, text, or photo submissions on the YouthNoise website. The winners (by popular vote and a judging process) and a friend will be invited to a star-studded gala in New York City where they can spread awareness about youth homelessness and describe their vision. They will challenge their peers throughout America to develop projects demonstrating ways youth can start a movement towards change. YouthNoise and its partners will provide the resources and support to make the visions a reality, working together towards the end of youth homelessness.

The contest will be running August 1 through September 30.

If you are interested in promoting this cause please follow this link to download and post a banner. Use this banner wherever you might like to raise awareness about teen homelessness or think that your constituents would be interested in participating. Hopefully the banner will become an identifiable marker of this campaign and our collective movement for change. Take the first step.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Project Leader Star March/April 2007

We Salute our Project Leader Star - Johanna Black

Help L.A. Works celebrate the accomplishments of one of our devoted Project Leaders, Johanna Black (pictured here with L.A. Works volunteer, Mike Clements) She leads the monthly Teen Outreach Program at L.A. Family Housing and has brightened the lives there with her friendly and funloving style. This year, Jo led the teens in a new type of project for L.A. Works...they wrote and shot a short film! Click Here to read more about it and see photos. The film was directed by Mike Clements! Click Here to see the film.

Let's hear from Johanna:

How long you've been involved with L.A. Works? I have been involved with LA works since March of 2006. Prior to that, I was involved at Hands on Atlanta since 2002.
I learned about LA works from its affiliation with Hands on Atlanta. The Hands on Network is wonderful because it gives volunteers the opportunity to select from a variety of activities that may be of interest to them in different communities!

Why do you volunteer? I think it is important to give time and yourself to others. I enjoy learning from other volunteers, the groups the activities benefit and about the organizations LA works benefits. I just hope my service has helped at least one person to try something new, think about something in a different way or inspired someone to volunteer.

What is your "philosophy" of volunteering? Volunteerism is very important to our society. It gives us the opportunity to work and learn from people that may not otherwise be involved in your life.

Any tips you'd like to share with your fellow project leaders? Wow I would like more myself!
Some days are better than others—always try to stay positive and remember why you enjoy the projects you have selected.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

TreePeople Park Inaugural Project Feb 10, 2007

TreePeople Park!


TreePeople Park in the Hollywood Hills! It is a beautiful 45 acre area that thousands of folks visit every year. TreePeople is overhauling their operation up there and they need our help. Because there will be ongoing construction, once a month, on the 2nd Sat, we're gonna help them keep the park looking great by maintaining the trails, invasive plant removal, rock replacement, slope regrading, erosion protection, wall restoration (the walls were built in 1930's) as well as outdoor stage restoration (some painting) and eventually, their entire nursery will need to be relocated. Each month there will likely be a different task so join us in this exciting new opportunity with one of our oldest agency partners.

Click here to see:

Photos of 1st TreePeople Park Project Feb 10, 2007!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Project Leader Stars Jan/Feb 2007

Celebrate Our Accomplishments & Kickoff the New Year!

Every Year, L.A. Works acknowledges some of our hard working volunteers with a Celebration of our Accomplishments and a Kickoff for the New Year! It was a great afternoon of food, spirits, and merriment where we honored you, our valued volunteers!

Click here to see photos of this fun event!

L.A. Works would like to thank those volunteers who gave 25-50 Hours of Service over the course of the year:

Project Leaders - Chris Babers, Joan Bang, Alexa Benson, Sarah Boyd, Valerie Chiovetti, Charlene Chung, Stephanie Cirone, Tainy Contreras, James Cremin, Veronica Cruz, Luis De Avila, Tim Dickey, Elizabeth Farias, April Fields, Gladys Fung, Rafik Ghazarian, David Ho, Mark Kimura, Chris Martone, Srikant Ranjan, Jay Ross, Tammy Simmons, Clarence Smith, Grant Wadley, Suzanne Wiener, and

Volunteers - Zachary Alderfer, Bethany Beyer, Matthew Carey, Christina Chan, Leni Fleming, Colleen Gately, Stephen Gee, Stephanie Gisondi-Little, Randy Herrera, Jo Kelly, Karen Kuhlman, Halena Le, Ryan Lindgren, Pilar Mendoza, Alicia Montgomery, Jimmy Ngo, Catherine Nguyen, Angela Park, Vanessa Villanueva, Amit Barrett, Sandra Calleros!

L.A. Works wants to especially acknowledge our outstanding youth volunteers who will receive Teen Volunteer Awards!

April Baek, Tainy Contreras, Juan Gascon, Angie Kim, Chelise Sudds, Marquise Washington

L.A. Works Day 2006 was a huge success because of these hard working Project Leaders!

David Bloome (Challengers Boys & Girls Club) Mandana Dayani (Muir Middle School) Cindy Goss (Celerity Nascent Charter School) Ellen Dugas Hoctor (Budlong Ave. Elementary) Mark Kimura (Muir Middle School) Mary Lawler (Roze Room Hospice Interactive Project) Brandon Lucas (Volunteers of America Katrina Project) Tammy Simmons (Budlong Ave. Elementary) Ed Simon (Muir Middle School) Ann Zald (Challengers Boys & Girls Club) and James Zink (Celerity Nascent Charter School)

These dedicated volunteers gave 50+ Hours of Service over the course of the year! L.A. Works salutes you!

Veronica Arevalo, Sandy Boscarino, Teresa Castelli, Hal Christensen, Amy Cimetta, Yolanda Dave , Christy Dean, Michael Hicks, LaJeanne Jones, Cynde Knerr, Mike Kremer, David Lehman, Aurora Maniaul, Juan Mendoza, Kristel Stern, Nancy Tran, William Wira

These volunteers were awarded the Bronze Presidential Service Awards for 100+ Hours of Service. Their commitment to volunteerism is inspirational!

Steven Cota, Alvin Fong, Bobbi Marin, Ed Simon, David Trilling

This is an especially motivated group! Ten Years of Service! L.A. Works is very fortunate to have such faithful volunteers.

Alexa Benson, David Bloome, James Cremin, April Fields, Cindy Goss, Tom Hoctor, Mike Kremer, Connie Leonard, Dinah Posner, Tammy Simmons, Ed Simon, David Trilling, Suzanne Wiener, Ann Zald

The L.A. Works Day 2006 Projects Committee deserves our utmost gratitude for the hard work they put in to make that day possible! Each member of this committee was responsible for a different aspect of the event as well as the management of the L.A. Works Day 2006 sites!

Alexa Benson (registration) April Fields (project leader recruitment) Tom Hoctor (communitcations) Mike Kremer (supplies) Shelia Taylor (skilled experts)

Tom Hoctor! Premier Recipient of the Annual Larry Deckel Award. This award will be given every year to the volunteer whose inspirational knowledge and motivating creativity has taken L.A. Works to ever higher levels of meaningful service to our great city. This year, the recipient of this award has displayed consistent dependability, flexibility, accountability and is a master of organization. Congratulations Tom Hoctor!

A wonderful time was had by all!

Monday, January 29, 2007

L.A. Works/LA Family Housing Film Shoot

The LA Family Housing Sydney M. Irmas Transitional Living Center is the only facility in the Valley that accepts and provides longterm shelter to teens and their families. They have an extensive program that includes counseling, life skills training, drug prevention education and School on Wheels classes.

Twice a month, L.A. Works visits the facility with volunteers to engage the teens living there in uplifting activities such as dances, arts and crafts, or a fun conversation. Our goal is to inspire them to explore creative outlets while providing positive role models for them. In this vein, it was decided that the perfect venue for their creative expression would be a film submission to Get LA.

Get LA is an online short film festival and competition conceived by L.A. Works Board members. It's all about Los Angeles -- what makes it great and what could make it better. Visit to learn more.

Over the course of the past three months, the teens have come up with the concept, written scenes, drawn storyboards, done character and scene work, scouted locations, and worked on costuming in preparation for shooting their film. The teens have participated in writing, acting, storyboard, cinematography and general film making workshops with professionals in those fields.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Hands On Schools Martin Luther King Jr. Day Service Project

L.A. Works Hands On Schools Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Day of Service was an enormous success. Over 300 volunteers representing LA's diverse communities turned out for a remarkable day of Living The Legacy.


Click Here to see more photos and read about the fabulous event!