Tuesday, August 21, 2007

End Youth Homelessness

The other day I received a notice from YouthNoise, an online youth community and nonprofit, nonpartisan youth networking site for social change. They are launching an important initiative to bring awareness to the problem of youth homelessness. YouthNoise has taken on this task because of its growing importance for the future of the one and a half million homeless youth struggling to survive on the streets today. If all the homeless youth were placed in a city, populated only by them, it would be the seventh largest city in the United States

The effort, “Out of the Shadows,” is a contest that calls youth all across the country to submit their visions on how to end youth homelessness through video, text, or photo submissions on the YouthNoise website. The winners (by popular vote and a judging process) and a friend will be invited to a star-studded gala in New York City where they can spread awareness about youth homelessness and describe their vision. They will challenge their peers throughout America to develop projects demonstrating ways youth can start a movement towards change. YouthNoise and its partners will provide the resources and support to make the visions a reality, working together towards the end of youth homelessness.

The contest will be running August 1 through September 30.

If you are interested in promoting this cause please follow this link to download and post a banner. Use this banner wherever you might like to raise awareness about teen homelessness or think that your constituents would be interested in participating. Hopefully the banner will become an identifiable marker of this campaign and our collective movement for change. Take the first step.

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