Monday, January 29, 2007

L.A. Works/LA Family Housing Film Shoot

The LA Family Housing Sydney M. Irmas Transitional Living Center is the only facility in the Valley that accepts and provides longterm shelter to teens and their families. They have an extensive program that includes counseling, life skills training, drug prevention education and School on Wheels classes.

Twice a month, L.A. Works visits the facility with volunteers to engage the teens living there in uplifting activities such as dances, arts and crafts, or a fun conversation. Our goal is to inspire them to explore creative outlets while providing positive role models for them. In this vein, it was decided that the perfect venue for their creative expression would be a film submission to Get LA.

Get LA is an online short film festival and competition conceived by L.A. Works Board members. It's all about Los Angeles -- what makes it great and what could make it better. Visit to learn more.

Over the course of the past three months, the teens have come up with the concept, written scenes, drawn storyboards, done character and scene work, scouted locations, and worked on costuming in preparation for shooting their film. The teens have participated in writing, acting, storyboard, cinematography and general film making workshops with professionals in those fields.

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