Monday, March 22, 2010

GetLA and VOTE for your favorite!

L.A. Works and Los Angeles Magazine have selected eight finalists from the many we received for the Get LA film competition. The videos are up on the LA Magazine website, click here to vote for your favorite short film to help one filmmaker win the Audience Selection award.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WE Connect -- volunteer to help over 10,000 Angelenos

L.A. Works will be recruiting, managing, and coordinating over 500 volunteers to serve more than 10,000 at-risk Angelinos at Maria Shriver's WE Connect Event on March 26-28.  The WE Connect event will connect families with the information and tools they need to take full advantage of valuable resources, empowering them to live their dreams.

In addition to L.A. Works, partners for the day include the United Way to provide free tax preparation, the Legal Aid Society of Orange County to provide foreclosure and loss mitigation counseling, the L.A. Regional Foodbank to distribute food, and the Employment Development Department with job search and resume assistance.  Click here if you are interested in becoming a volunteer for this event.
The WE Connect event has a special need for EMT-certified volunteers. If you are EMT-certified and want to get involved with this important event, please contact Gil Gonzales.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Civic Participation

By participating in the whole of community life, in both action and civic dialogue, volunteers have the power to magnify their local and global impact. L.A. Works encourages all of our volunteers to build upon their service experience through education, conversation, and advocacy. An L.A. Works volunteer created the following Social Issue Briefs as a resource to provide brief introductions to the issues, relevant federal, state, and local policy, suggestions on where to learn more on the issue, and bi-partisan civic engagement tools on how to share your voice to the cause. Please peruse these documents and visit this page again soon too see additional briefs, ideas, and initiatives as we work to grow this resource for you.

The briefs will be available on L.A. Works website shortly but for now can be viewed:


More briefs to be posted soon... homelessness... aging/elderly...

And what would you like to see? Share your thoughts/comments here!