Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Project Leader Star March/April 2007

We Salute our Project Leader Star - Johanna Black

Help L.A. Works celebrate the accomplishments of one of our devoted Project Leaders, Johanna Black (pictured here with L.A. Works volunteer, Mike Clements) She leads the monthly Teen Outreach Program at L.A. Family Housing and has brightened the lives there with her friendly and funloving style. This year, Jo led the teens in a new type of project for L.A. Works...they wrote and shot a short film! Click Here to read more about it and see photos. The film was directed by Mike Clements! Click Here to see the film.

Let's hear from Johanna:

How long you've been involved with L.A. Works? I have been involved with LA works since March of 2006. Prior to that, I was involved at Hands on Atlanta since 2002.
I learned about LA works from its affiliation with Hands on Atlanta. The Hands on Network is wonderful because it gives volunteers the opportunity to select from a variety of activities that may be of interest to them in different communities!

Why do you volunteer? I think it is important to give time and yourself to others. I enjoy learning from other volunteers, the groups the activities benefit and about the organizations LA works benefits. I just hope my service has helped at least one person to try something new, think about something in a different way or inspired someone to volunteer.

What is your "philosophy" of volunteering? Volunteerism is very important to our society. It gives us the opportunity to work and learn from people that may not otherwise be involved in your life.

Any tips you'd like to share with your fellow project leaders? Wow I would like more myself!
Some days are better than others—always try to stay positive and remember why you enjoy the projects you have selected.

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Anonymous said...

I am impressed and inspired at the same time. I am planning to start volunteering in the near future.