Friday, August 11, 2006

August Project Leader of the Month

We Salute our Project Leaders

Project Leader of the Month August 2006

Shelia Taylor --

I had to let you know about Shelia Taylor! Not only does Shelia run a monthly project at Friends of Animals, she was a valued member of this year's L.A. Works Day Projects Committee. Because of her expertise in contracting, our L.A. Works Day 2006 Katrina project was a huge success. We could not have done it without her!

Shelia outlines her philosophy:

A. I am an ordinary citizen fulfilling the responsibility that has been given to me my the community.
B. I have now been involved with LA Works for the past two (2) years
C. I became involved with LA Works after reading an article in the Downtown News under the heading, “weekend events”. That event advertisement was for LA Works Day. I spent that Saturday, cleaning along the LA River and painting over graffiti under bridges. I had a fantastic time. Of course on this day people make many friends. By the end of the day I became friends with a young woman by the name of Leng. Her last name escapes me. She’d been involved with LA Works for some time and began sending me notices of volunteers needed. I never signed-up for any of the openings she sent and eventually she stopped. I recall my schedule always being too busy and thinking each time, “you know, I’ll sign-up for the next event she sends, and that went on and on.” SO when she stopped it was like being hit in the stomach and I knew I was ignoring my responsibility to the community. I went to the LA Works website one evening and signed-up to be a Project Leader and it has been one of the best experiences of my life.

D. I volunteer, because it is “my” belief that we have been placed on this earth to serve and assist others.

E. My philosophy of volunteering is “Just Do It”

F. Thank you for caring about our community.

Shelia is a very special person and a project leader to watch! Way to go, Shelia --

This Month's Project Leaders

Thanks to all of our Project Leaders who are leading projects during the month of August.

You are the real leaders in our community! The Staff & Board of Directors of L.A. Works thanks you for being the real superstars of our community!

Albana Farias
Alvin Fong
Aurora Maniaul
Bobbi Marin
Bona Tucker
Bryan Kadotani
Charlene Chung
Chris Fukunaga
Christy Dean
Christina Preiss
Christopher Babers
Cindy Goss
Clarence Smith
Connie Leonard
Cynde Knerr
David Trilling
Ed Simon
Elvin Albino
Emily Barclay
Gil Gerstein
Grant Wadley
Jay Ross
Jesse Perez-Fraga
Joan Bang
Johanna Black
Katherine Serrano
Kathryn Perez-Fraga
Kay Meevasin
Kristel Stern
LaJeanne Jones
Lilia Elias
Llami Gutierrez
Luis De Avila
Margaret Comstock
Mark Kimura
Melodee Cole
Mike Kremer
Nancy Tran
Rafik Ghazarian
Sandy Boscarino
Sandy Choi
Sarah Boyd
Shelia Taylor
Sherly Lam
Srikant Ranjan

Stephanie Cirone
Suzanne Islet
Suzanne Wiener
Teresa Castelli
Teri Johnson
Timothy Dickey
William Wira
Veronica Cruz
Yolanda Dave
Yvonne Foster

Want to join the ranks of L.A.'s most involved citizens? Become an L.A. Works Project Leader.

It's easy, it's fun, and it doesn't require a huge amount of your time.

Go to the Project Calendar section of the website and sign up for Project Leader Training or email Julie Prejean to find out the date of the next session.

Past Project Leaders Of the Month

August, 2006 - Lilia Elias

June, 2006 - Tammy Simmons

April, 2006 - Mike Kremer

March, 2006 - Christina Preiss

February, 2006 - in loving Memory, Helga Hung

January, 2006 - Sherly Lam

November, 2005 - Clarence Smith

October, 2005 - Joan Bang

September, 2005 - Kat and Jesse Perez-Fraga

August, 2005 - Bryan Kadatoni

July, 2005 - Ken Hagopian

June, 2005 - Laura Bonilla

May, 2005 - Alexa Benson

April, 2005 - April Fields

March, 2005 - Mia Farrell

February, 2005 - Sandy Boscarino

January, 2005 - Andrew Anura Abeyesinghe

December, 2004 - Jacquie Moreno

November, 2004 - Timothy Dickey and Howard Weiner

October, 2004 - Russell Ali

September, 2004 - Suzanne Wiener

August, 2004 - Veronica Cruz

July, 2004 - Margaret Conway

June, 2004 - Ellen Dugas

May, 2004 - Luis de Avila

April, 2004 - Mandana Dayani

Mar, 2004 - Cindy Finocchi

Feb, 2004 - Viet Hoang

Jan, 2004 - Teresa Castelli

Dec. 2003 - Mary Lawler

Nov. 2003 - Jose Valencia

Oct, 2003 - Dustin Manhart

Sept, 2003 - Marc Weinberg

Aug, 2003 - Mark Kimura

July, 2003 - Jay Ross

June, 2003 - Meghan Lee

May, 2003 - Ray Ng

April, 2003 - David Trilling

March, 2003 - Tom Hoctor

February, 2003 - Kayo Shiraishi-Adachi

January, 2003 - Henry Meyer

December, 2002 - Suzanne Studer

November, 2002 - Ed Simon

October, 2002 - Bobbi Marin

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