Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Nov/Dec Project Leader of the Month

We Salute our Project Leaders

As this year comes to a close, I want to express L.A. Works' undying gratitude to our 53 adoptive Project Leaders and honor each of them as Nov/Dec Project Leaders of the Month! Without their enthusiam and commitment, L.A. Works would not be able to manage the close to 80 monthly volunteer projects that serve our vast community.

First, I would like to thank Elvin Albino, Christopher Babers, Teresa Castelli (adopted 2), Charlene Chung, Luis De Avila, Tim Dickey, Suzanne Islet, Christina Preiss, Katherine Serrano, Kristel Stern, each of whom have moved on as adoptive leaders. Some have relocated, some are traveling, some have work loads that have increased, but each one has given of themselves in an incredibly inspiring way and we are grateful!

Next, I would like to acknowledge Steven Cota, Jose Dubon, Gladys Fung (adopted 2), David Ho, Mina Mahini, Aurora Maniaul, Michael Masters, Juan Mendoza, & Gypsy Modina. These are new Project Leaders who stepped up immediately and adopted projects. Talk about enthusiasm. We need more folks like them!

Stephanie Cirone, Bobbi Marin, Nancy Tran are a rare breed indeed, each adopting more than one project last year. This kind of tireless drive is a beautiful thing to behold. Visit one of their projects and see why.

As you all know, without Project Leaders, L.A. Works projects don't happen. These adoptive Project Leaders have renewed their adoption for the new year! Veronica Arevalo, Joan Bang, Emily Barclay, Johanna Black, Sandy Boscarino, Sarah Boyd, Veronica Cruz, Yolanda Dave, Christy Dean, Elizabeth Farias, Alvin Fong, Chris Fukunaga,
Rafik Ghazarian, Gil Gerstein, LaJeanne Jones, Bryan Kadotani, Mark Kimura, Cynde Knerr, , Mike Kremer, Sherly Lam, Connie Leonard, Kay Meevasin, Kat & Jesse Perez-Fraga, Ed Simon, Clarence Smith, Shelia Taylor, David Trilling, Bona Tucker, Will Wira. L.A. Works is extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated core of volunteers.

The next two Project Leaders deserve our hats off. Chris Martone
and Jay Ross, while they are not adoptive Project Leaders, can always be counted on to take up the slack when a project has no leader. Every month, they step up to take one or two. You guys are great!

Lastly, Dave Bloome has offered his expertise to assist L.A. Works forge a new and lasting partnership with The American Red Cross of Greater Los Angeles. We are confident that with Dave's help, L.A. Works can become a major player in Los Angeles' Disaster Response team.

As you can see, L.A. Works has a great group of hard working adoptive Project Leaders! Again, our gratitude goes out to each and every one of them!

To become one of these go getters, go to the Project Calendar section of the website and sign up for Project Leader Training or to find out the date of the next session.

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