Tuesday, January 31, 2006

New Project! Fun With Toddlers (4th Saturday of every month)

Join us for a fun filled afternoon spent with the children ages 2 through 5 at the Sydney M. Irmas Transitional Living Facility in North Hollywood. Once a month L.A. Works will visit the facility with their volunteers to engage the toddlers in arts and crafts and educational activities. Our goal is to help the children build the basic skills that they will need in order to become successful students. As volunteers, you'll be briefed and assist in carrying out the afternoon's activity. It will typically include a main project, followed by some free time with the children to play games, read stories, etc. If any advance preparation is needed on your part, you'll be emailed with specific project details.

All upbeat and outgoing volunteers are welcome to sign up, but all volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.

LA Family Housing's Sydney M Irmas Transitional Living Center, provides safe and secure housing for clients who come from temporary and emergency shelters, and require additional time to achieve sufficient independence to secure permanent housing. The center provide services to families with both small children and teens, and programs include life skills for youth, sports for children and youth, arts and crafts for children and youth, baby and child care, mother and toddler yoga. The Sydney M. Irmas Transitional Living Center is the only facility in the Valley that accepts and provides long-term shelter to toddlers and their families. LA Family Housing has 20 facilities serving over 7,300 people annually in eight different regions of Los Angeles.

Click here to sign up!

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